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We think it apt to put together a comprehensive list of office equipment you need to consider in order to get a fully functional office up and running - whether a home office, small commercial office or large commercial office with many employees.

Document shredders

Even if you’re not a secret agent and you don’t think you have anything to hide, you need a paper shredder. Garbage and recycling bins full of bank statements and credit card offers are treasure troves for identity thieves. Your best defense: a paper shredder, which chomps through sensitive documents and spits them out as confetti.


Environmentally responsible and, of course, cutting-edge: the production is tailored to the requirements. The Trumpf laser machining center for the sheet metal working and the automated, ultra-modern Salvagnini P4 panel bender for producing the sheet metal assemblies are just two examples of this.But it doesn’t consider technology to be an end in itself. the priority is always to ensure the very best result. That's why meticulous manual production still has its place in the processes. The best products require the best materials.Ordering from EBA allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that EBA only use tried and tested raw materials. These range from high-quality steel for EBA cutting units and blades, all the way down to the tiniest screws.Details also make the difference for applications. You can not only see, but also feel our intelligent technology.

Products from EBA are particularly straightforward and convenient to use,leaving you more time to focus on the key issues.

EBA Shredder Conceived in Germany, Made in Germany. The quality is in the detail, the best shredders from high-quality steel for cutting units and blades, all the way down to the tiniest screws.

When it comes to the quality of products, EBA Paper Shredders have a policy of sustainability through tradition and conviction, for more than 95 years since 1922 and for many years to come. The new ISO / IEC 21964, This new international standard is based on the existing German DIN 66399 standard. Worldwide standards for the protection and destruction of data in 2018.

EBA Paper Shredder High Security "Made in Germany"

Why decide between experience and vitality, if you can have both?

NOVEXX Solutions offers first class identification and labeling solutions along the entire production and supply chain - by using different types of machines and technologies.


The over-all NOVEXX Solutions portfolio includes hardware, software, consumables, and service & support.From standard solutions to customized solutions we know the requirements and our customers benefit from this, worldwide.

Real-time solutions for any industry
Brilliant printing results
Perfect for variable print data
Different print widths up to 160 mm
Robust, industrial design
Suitable for any environment

Perfect label application
Apply speeds of up to 70 m / minute
Label widths up to 233 mm

Best print quality for barcodes, fonts and graphics
Print resolutions of 300 and 600 dpi on various materials
Label widths up to 254 mm
Direct thermal and thermal transfer printing mode
Many device options

Thermal Transfer Overprint how it should be
Maximum user-friendliness, tool-free maintenance
Can easily be combined with our XLS Labelers
Direct printing on flexible packaging foil, high print volumes, highest efficiency

XPU: The reliable Pallet Labeler for GS1 compliant pallet labels
XLA: The modular, individually configurable Labeling System for product labeling
XTD: The flexible labeling solution for top and bottom product labeling

Exact application of labels on products, cartons or pallets
Can be easily mounted on our models
Suitable for a wide range of label materials, surfaces (soft, hard, uneven, smooth), heights (constant or variable), various positions (top, bottom, side, around corners