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every steel need, These solutions aim to improve our customers’ effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in better profitability. Consulting, technology and customer-oriented services.

A team of professionals evaluates and attends to customers’ needs.

A detailed case-by-case analysis of our customers’ requirements.

Innovative solutions that increase profitability as a result of improving effectiveness and efficiency in our customers’ industrial processess.

Jointly evaluating and analyzing in performance and costs.

Steel processing in all its dimensional possibilities.

The application of strict quality control throughout the whole process.

Delivery of the steel within the indicated time limit, fulfilling every demand.

We are a company that offers project-based solutions for industrial organizations

In order to meet with our client’s Flat Steel requirement’s, we have been sourcing through All European origin materials to Middle East countries. Here below we glad to share with you our current qualities and product range for your considerations,

A few things we’re great at ...

Global sourcing

is a procurement strategy in which our customers try to find the most cost-efficient place globally for manufacturing goods.


Quality is an outcome, a characteristic of a good or service provided to our customers. Customer requirements are the core ideal behind all quality definitions

On Time Delivery

Keeping our customers happy by meeting promised commitments, ship dates, and delivery schedule.Meeting our customer’s expectation our priority.

Flat products

All international qualities for

Cold Forming
Deep Drawing
Structural Forming Grades

General qualities

S275JR, S355JR
DD11, DD12, DD13, DD14
S200D, S240D
S315MC up to S600MC
C22 up to C60
P245NB up to P355NB

All international qualities for

Steels for Cold Forming
High Strength Low Alloy Steels
Structural Steels

General qualities

DC01 up to DC07
HC260LA up to HC500LA
DC01EK up to DC06EK


For Cold Forming; DX51D + Z - DX57D+Z
For Structural Steels; S220GD+Z up to S550GD+Z
For High Strenght Low Alloy Steels; HX260LAD+Z up to HX500LAD+Z

Top Largest Steel Producing Companies


operates in more than 60 countries, is headquartered in Avenue de la Liberte, Luxembourg.


Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation NSSMC is the second largest steel provider across the globe.


Pohang Iron and Steel Company, generally referred to as POSCO.

Hebei Iron and Steel Group

the largest steel provider in China.

Tata Steel Group

is founded by Jamsetji in 1868. Headquartered in India, Tata companies employ over 581,470 people worldwide.

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